Athena Classroom

Cross-curricula Furniture for the Contemporary Classroom Environment

At S+B we create inspirational teaching environments through attention to detail in the design of educational furniture.

Athena classroom range

The Athena range of product has been specifically designed for the educational sector, developed in line with the latest government directives.

  • Efficient and solid construction using 30mm powder coated box section steel
  • Attractive mirror finish ABS edge strip available in a range of appealing colours
  • Multiple, seamless layout arrangements
  • Variety of sizes available from standards A-F
  • Choices of both spiral and vertical stacking
  • Optional height adjustable feet
  • A choice of IT and DT accessories
  • Designed as part of a wider range of storage, loose and fitted furniture
  • Full range of complementary storage units available

Athena is a flexible and aesthetically pleasing range of loose furniture and represents a quality product, strong build and at an affordable price.

We commissioned designer James Roberts to design a range of furniture suitable for the modern classroom. James is a ‘new product developer’, a successful product designer and engineer who’s work reflects his background designing well resolved products.

Building Schools for the Future

Building Schools for the Future (BSF) brings new and exciting challenges to the world of education. S+B has set out on a path to meet the demands of the market place by investing in research and development to provide the right designs, products and services required to meet the expectations of such initiatives.

IT Desk

An ergonomic Information Technology desk with cantilever leg frame for maximum student comfort and convenience.

A choice of IT and DT accessories

Spiral Stack Desk

Four leg single student desk available in a range of heights to accommodate every age group.

Easy to clean hard-wearing work surface

Applies to all products

Efficient and solid construction Applies to all products

Exam Desk

A single student exam/study desk with ergonomic cantilever leg frame for maximum student comfort and convenience.

Strip available in a range of appealing colours

Applies to all products

Trapezoid Table

Can be used as single units or arranged in multiples in a variety of different configurations to facilitate a range of collaborative activities.

A choice of different worktop materials

Applies to all products

Supplied with lockable castors if required

Applies to all products

Semi-Circular Table

Can be used at the end of a fixed peninsula bench or grouped as islands to encourage and facilitate interaction.

Attractive mirror finish ABS edge strip

Applies to all products

Plan Table

The Plan Table is particularly suited to group work, planning and evaluation.

Optional height adjustable feet

Applies to all products

Athena IT Desk

“All of our children deserve to learn in school buildings that inspire them to give of their best.

Whatever their needs, a good school environment will value them as people, their abilities and how they learn best. A good learning environment will support and nurture its children and staff.”

Ty Goddard – Director, BCSE

Athena IT Desk

Athena Plan Table

Athena Semi Circular Table

Athena Spiral Stack Desk

Athena Trapezoid table


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