Passport to a Safer Lab

To transform any room or building into a laboratory, S+B products and services are essential. When a laboratory is first built or refurbished, it is important to properly consider existing and future needs in order to establish the best possible use of space and the most effective provision of furniture, equipment, instrumentation and services.

All working processes and user requirements need to be extensively inventoried and fully reflected in the design. Experienced consultancy that recognises existing needs, anticipates future requirement along with professional supervision from the design initiation process through to user occupancy of the laboratory is critical. Careful evaluation and where necessary properly coordinated adjustment during the process provides for the realisation of the most effective use of resource and an effective working laboratory. Health and safety, durability in terms of functional life expectancy, change of use are some of the wide ranging factors that need careful consideration. S+B has developed a comprehensive range of design solutions to meet the many and varied requirements of the research, process, educational, healthcare and multi-use laboratory environment.

C-frame peninsular bench

A flexible benching system with work surfaces supported independently of under bench storage cabinetry. The work surface and leg frame modules provide the platform for bench mounted sinks, service spines, data and electrical trunking systems. Storage cabinets are suspended on horizontal rails and have uninterrupted lateral movement within the bench run for ease of cleaning and re configuration to suit different users and changing needs.

Peninsular bench Column system

The Column System is fixed cantilever leg frame module that does not require a lower horizontal foot extension. This keeps to a minimum the amount of floor space required by the leg assembly. The under bench storage cabinetry is independent of the work surface and can be supplied either suspended from horizontal rails or as push under units. The removable units provide ease of access for maintenance and cleaning.

  1. Service Spine with special gasses and electrical service outlets.
  2. Rectangular and oval drip cups can be sited in the work surface as required.
  3. Peninsular benches can be provided with alternative sink materials, single and multi outlet hot, cold, high purity water services as well as emergency fixed or hand held shower and eye wash units.
  4. C-frame with suspended storage cabinet for ease of reconfiguration, also supplied with push under cabinets for ease of access to under bench service lines.

C-frame side bench

The C frame is a flexible modular support system, which is not reliant on a floor or wall fixing and is suitable for free standing perimeter, peninsular and island benching. The legs can be fixed for additional stability where application demands. Polypropylene feet can be sealed to the floor and are available as standard for environments where hygiene is of primary importance. The leg frames support the worktop and are braced by front and rear horizontal rails. Under bench storage cabinetry is suspended from the rails clear of the floor for ease of cleaning and ongoing tidy appearance. The rails facilitate free uninterrupted lateral movement of the storage units within the bench run.

Side bench Column system

The Column modular support system is fixed to the wall and floor for stability and can be used in perimeter, peninsular and island bench assemblies. This system is designed for use without an extended horizontal foot and therefore minimises the floor space required for the bench support module. Front and rear horizontal rails are also used for bracing and for providing the support for suspended under bench storage cabinetry that are freely moveable as with the C frame system. Note – push under storage cabinets can be supplied in lieu of suspended units if required.

  1. A choice of worktop materials is available to suit varying applications – please refer Technical specification sheets.
  2. C-frame system with dust sealed connection to the floor.
  3. Worktop with integrated rear upstand.

Bench Pedestal system

The fixed Pedestal system combines worktops supported by means of fixed floor mounted under bench storage cabinetry. This is a popular and cost effective solution where working processes are clearly defined and unlikely to change greatly. Consideration is given to knee space requirements during the space planning stage in order to integrate sitting positions.

  1. Peninsular sink units available in a choice of sink materials for different uses.
  2. Integrated knee space/sitting area.

Side bench Pedestal system

A Pedestal system with fixed under bench cabinetry supporting the worktop is suited to applications where there is not a requirement for moving storage units. This system is also suited to where space is at a premium and there is a need to maximise available storage capacity within a bench run.

  1. Electrical service outlets carried in a bench mounted rear service trunking.
  2. Bench mounted service outlets.
  3. A comprehensive range of fixed under bench storage units provides the support structure for the worktop.

Part System

S+B is committed to the view that there is no reason why a product high in functionality and durability should not also be high in aesthetic quality. All our products reflect this principle and non more so than the Part System. Channeled aluminium uprights combine with our standard bench systems to provide a highly flexible working environment. The uprights can be fixed floor to ceiling or mounted from the worktop upwards. This allows the build up of modules that include worktops, service spines, shelving, under and over bench storage cabinetry. One advantage of the Part System is that assemblies can be re arranged and added to by users. Another particular advantage is that space above worktop level that would not be used by conventional bench systems can be more fully utilised.

Possible arrangements:

  • double sided with central gangway for island and penisular assembly
  • single sided for wall and single sided island and peninsular assembly
  • double sided for island and peninsular assembly
  1. Channelled aluminium uprights provide support structure for highly flexible workspace assembly.
  2. Service trunking with separated compartments for pipe runs, data and electrical wiring. Height to suit specification.

Tall Storage system

The modular tall storage system is a highly space efficient solution for the most demanding storage problems. Combinations of shelving, drawer packs, low level and pull out cupboards can be arranged in many different forms to provide individual users with answers to their particular needs. The modules can be arranged to a standard height of 2900 mm or finished to the ceiling to eliminate dust traps. Access to the upper storage area is by means of an aluminium ladder that is harnessed to a horizontal rail for safety, but which can be moved easily along the length of the module.

  1. Movable aluminium ladder with safety rail.
  2. A choice of different storage options to suit individual needs.
  3. Different depth trays that can be autoclaved for hygiene.


Flexible layout concepts – two total solutions:

Labline en Variflex

Rigorous consideration to present and future needs will provide the best opportunity for planning the most cost effective laboratory in the medium and longer term. However where refurbishment of existing buildings takes place, the existing fabric will often impose a constraint on the extent to which space can be used with any degree of flexibility.Where new build takes place and or where there is potential for open space, there is an opportunity for flexible design. This is particularly relevant where change of application is difficult to anticipate. In such circumstances there may be value in developing designs along the lines of flexible use of space and or flexible location service supply as well as furniture that can be re arranged.

Option 1 – Labline

Labline is an exciting new development that aims to maximise current and future use of laboratory space. The pace of change in R&D and the commercial environment is such that scientists need to be able to adapt quickly. The design and building of a new laboratory is an extremely time consuming and costly exercise which organisations cannot afford to undertake too frequently. Labline is a de mountable, fully pre serviced modular wall system, which supports worktops, sinks, shelving, storage cabinetry and fume cupboards clear of the floor. The wall modules are linked to load bearing columns pre sited in the overall floor plan. The wall system can divide the space into working cells, sized and located to suit requirement and can then be fully re configured at any time to create bigger or smaller cells of differing characteristic as demand changes. The upper section of the wall can be fitted with toughened glass panels which create a very clean, modern, hi tech aesthetic in keeping with cutting edge laboratory activity.

  1. The service outlets are fully integrated in the wall.
  2. The benches can be assembled and removed per module; they are suspended free from the floor and are adjustable in height. The benches have sufficient load bearing capability for laboratory instruments. Fume cupboards can also be suspended from the wall.
  3. The service supply lines are fully integrated in the walls and are accessible through removable panels.


Option 2 – Variflex

Variflex is a new, unique and more flexible method of servicing the laboratory. A robust aluminium trunking system houses factory assembled service lines. The system is mounted at high level to form a ceiling distribution network. The services are delivered and controlled for worktop use by means of interchangeable, modular section aluminium droppers. Services can be altered without implication to building fabric and without disturbing benching layouts. The benching system is supplied free of service runs which reduces cost, increases flexibility and makes furniture and service interface far less troublesome than with conventionally serviced benching systems. Connection between the ceiling grid, dropper and above bench outlet is made safe and simple by quick release couplings.

  1. Connection between ceiling grid and service dropper.
  2. Modular sections can be altered quickly and easily without disruption to the laboratory.
  3. The system can be customised to suit customer specific applications.

Smart System Standard

Fume Cupboards

Most laboratory workers are required to work intermittently or in many cases on a daily basis with substances that can be unpleasant, an irritant and potentially dangerous to health. Great care must be taken to maximise the protection provided to workers at all times. A means of removing harmful fumes is essential. Fume cupboards are nearly always a pre requisite, but because different applications require different solutions, S+B has developed a range of products to meet the widely varying requirements.

All S+B Fume Cupboards have been tested in accordance with the BS 7258 Part 4 and new Euro Norm prEN14175 test protocols.

Smart System Standard

The Smart System is a range of fume cupboards which has been developed to meet a wide cross section of common laboratory requirements. A choice of bench top, step in, walk in, size, services, worktops and storage options are available and can be tailored to satisfy individual needs.

  1. Bypass grill helps to minimise potential changes in face velocity caused by sash movement with fixed volume fume extraction systems. The grill also assists with the purging of the chamber. The range can also be supplied without the Bypass for use with Variable volume fume extraction systems.
  2. Side and worktop airfoils smooth the air flow entry pattern which improves containment performance.
  3. Service outlets are mounted on the inside of the chamber. Controls are mounted externally to the chamber on the side stile so that actuation does not require the operative to place hands inside the cupboard.

Air Sentry

The High Performance Fume Cupboard
The Air Sentry is the most significant development in Fume Cupboard design and performance in recent years. This intelligent and operationally responsive innovation represents a new high in operator protection.

  1. Double SS sash cables.
  2. The integrated pressure sensor identifies changes to Vortex condition, caused by an operational dynamic. Moving back baffles are signalled and automatically adjust position in order to return the Vortex to its optimum condition for containment of fumes.
  3. Service controls and outlets are mounted in line towards the outside so that handling is safe and simple.
  4. Integrated airflow control.


The Euroline is a cost effective alternative for general application that is widely used in colleges, schools and some industrial environments. The product has been developed to satisfy essential containment requirements and at the same time meet what may often be budgetary constraints.

  1. The simple safety sash stop restricts movement to the optimum working height for operator protection. The sash stop can be overridden for loading purposes, but will automatically re-engage when operational.
  2. The service outlets are mounted to the rear of the worktop and controls are sited outside the chamber under the worktop.

Bench top fume cupboard

Many laboratory applications require a ventilated workspace on a worktop, but do not need a range of facilities and performance characteristics associated with the full S+B range. The Bench top fume cupboard has been specifically developed to fulfil this more limited but never the less important need.

  1. Switches for lightning and ventilation.
  2. The fume cupboard is placed directly on the bench worktop. There is an option for a toughened glass cover plate with retaining rim to protect the worktop.

Smart System Destruction

The Destruction Fume cupboard comes with specially sealed worktop/liner materials, integral scrubber and neutralising agent for cleansing waste water prior to discharge. This unit has been specially developed for use with corrosive chemicals.

  1. Integral scrubber unit.
  2. The chamber is lined with PVC for resistance to aggressive acids.
  3. Neutralising unit for waste water.
Air Sentry

Bench Pedestal System

Bench Top Fume Cupboard

C-Frame Peninsular Bench

C-Frame Side Bench



Part System

Side-Bench Pedestal System

Smart System Destruction

Smart System Standard

Tall Storage System