Queens Award

Case Study

Wellington College International School Bangkok

Wellington College International School Bangkok is a member of the Wellington global network of extraordinary schools and along with their existing world-class facilities, the College now has a new Senior School Building that houses state-of-the-art science facilities.

Each learning environment is unique and the two new science laboratories and preparation room have custom-made Crescent island benches that not only look stunning but they fit the school’s educational philosophy. The under-bench cupboards provide storage for equipment when not in use, while the aluminium corner profiles add a contemporary and stylish finish.

The spacious laboratories benefit from a generous amount of natural light and the white seamless Corian surfaces create modern and inviting educational spaces while providing durability and chemical resistance.

Teaching walls with integrated smartboards are an excellent example of creating a space-efficient storage solution that serves a dual purpose.

The Mobiline re-circulatory fume cupboard supplied, can be easily connected to the docking stations fixed to the side of the teacher’s demonstration desks, while the Ecoline ducted fume cupboard with glass viewing panels is fixed in place and connected to an extracting system.

The pictures and video below are courtesy of Charleston Scientific International.