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Distance Learning and Implications of STEAM Education

The British School Tbilisi Science Lab

Read our latest article on the COBIS Blog about the benefits and negative implications of distance learning on STEAM Education and how do we strike the right balance.

Most of us agree that regular social interaction amongst young people is essential for mental wellbeing and it’s a critically important element of an effective educational experience. Student interaction with each other, their educational facilitators, collaborative group work and collective problem solving is greatly enhanced by face to face contact.

Whilst a cross-curricula approach helps provide a broad baseline for later specialism, some subjects have elements specific to that subject. Practical science involving chemicals, boiling liquids, naked flames and engineering involving resistant materials and machine tools require dedicated spaces.

An effective learning space must be one that is flexible in facilitating interactive group work and learning through discovery whilst not inhibiting the whole class address by the teacher. The space should be designed to be safe to work in for its intended specific purpose and above all should be a space where students want to be.

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