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Science Furniture & Fume Cupboards

High-quality, innovative laboratory furniture specifically designed for schools, can transform learning spaces into truly exciting environments.  

By incorporating unique shapes, high-performance materials and elements that elicit the “WOW” factor, the laboratory furniture can enhance the overall educational experience.  

Durability should be a key consideration, as it ensures long-lasting functionality, making laboratory furniture a valuable investment for schools seeking to create dynamic and effective learning environments. 

At S+B UK, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing a wide range of educational laboratory furniture, storage solutions, and fume cupboards, including:  

  • Science lab Furniture and Fume Cupboards
  • STEM Furniture
  • Design & Technology Furniture
  • Makerspace Furniture
  • Food Technology furniture
  • Other associated products

 Our school laboratory furniture includes fitted lab benches with connections to essential utilities like water, electricity, and gas. We also provide mobile workstations, student desks and tables, teacher’s demo desks and teaching walls, along with storage solutions. 

Bespoke school laboratory furniture 

With extensive experience working with prestigious schools in the UK and worldwide, S+B UK have helped transform numerous lab spaces into stunning learning environments. 

We recognise that each space is unique and must accommodate varying numbers and age ranges of students, curriculum requirements, pedagogical approaches, and school philosophies. Schools may also have different preferences for managing their spaces.  

That’s why our laboratory furniture is custom-made to match the unique requirements of each school. Through careful listing, introspection, and thoughtfulness, we lead the design process, guiding schools from concept to visualisation, through 2D blueprints, 3D renderings and REVIT models. 

Our design consultants explore and determine the ideal furniture options, storage solutions, layout, and safety guidelines for each individual school. 

Modern and highly functional laboratories  

Being in a stimulating lab environment can spark students’ interest in science, STEM and food technology subjects, encouraging a sense of exploration and discovery.  

At S+B, we have taken great care in developing innovative and compelling designs that have a wider student appeal, that contribute to providing an outstanding education. 

That’s why our collaborative furniture systems, such as SpaceStation and Saturn & Mercury, break away from traditional laboratory furniture designs, bringing the WOW factor into learning spaces.  

Much more than that, our laboratory furniture systems offer high build quality, functionality, flexibility, and safety, creating conducive learning environments. 

Great consideration is given to the substantial wear and tear on working surfaces which is why we use cutting-edge performance materials such as Corian, Velstone, and Trespa.  

As a result, our furniture not only boasts a modern design aesthetic but also delivers highly functional, awe-inspiring, and purposeful spaces, thanks to the exceptional quality of these materials. 

The S+B Advantage 

  • Innovative laboratory furniture designs
  • Highly functional and durable
  • Creative storage solutions
  • Sustainable products
  • Environmentally responsible manufacturing
  • Compliance with all relevant BS EN ISO standards for laboratory interiors
  • 25+ Year Life Expectancy
  • WOW factor!
  • Two-time winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade
  • Proud members of COBIS, FOBISIA, BSME, and CEESA

Find out more 

Our education furniture portfolio offers insight into our work and showcases the incredible transformations of school laboratories worldwide. It provides inspirational ideas on how laboratory furniture systems, teaching walls, fume cupboards, and smart storage solutions can be seamlessly integrated to create cohesive and engaging learning spaces. 

If you would like to see our educational laboratory furniture in person, please contact us to arrange a guided tour of our manufacturing plant and showrooms. 

For any other inquiries or to schedule a free initial consultation to determine the best school lab furniture for your needs, please reach out to us at sales@splusb.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 161 793 9333. We’ll be delighted to assist you.