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Laboratory Furniture

At S+B, we offer a comprehensive range of laboratory furniture, suitable for use in cutting-edge teaching and research laboratories for Colleges, Universities, Science Parks, R&D, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Utilities, Food and Beverage and other major Industry sectors.

Our lab furniture systems, mobile benches and workstations, storage cupboards and overhead service delivery systems, will readily meet most laboratory environment needs, but we are always happy to develop and produce bespoke furniture solutions for specific client requirements.

We can supply everything from a single workstation or fully serviced fume cupboard to a complete suite of laboratories for the UK and international markets.

Laboratory benching systems and fume cupboards

Our furniture systems have been developed by one of Europe’s leading specialist furniture designers to combine ergonomics, durability and function with a modern, clean, crisp and attractive appearance.

We offer various lab benching systems, each with different levels of storage options and servicing. Our worktop materials range from Solid Grade Laminate such as Trespa, to Cast Epoxy Resin, and are selected based on user applications and years of experience.

  • Conventional Fixed Pedestal Range is a highly cost-effective system which maximises under-bench storage.
  • Column System supports the worktop independently of worktops by use of cantilever leg frames, which allows storage cupboards to be moved around for cleaning and maintenance.
  • C Frame System provides worktop support, allowing free movement of storage units that can be pushed under or suspended clear of the floor.
  • Modulaire facilitates the build-up of demountable modules which include worktops, service spines, shelving, under and over-bench storage cabinetry.
  • Selection can be made from the state-of-the-art Exemplaire System and the highly cost-effective Utilaire System.

As one of the very few UK laboratory furniture specialists who also manufacture fume cupboards, S+B UK can provide our clients with a fully integrated design, the economies of scale and the interface management advantages of a single point of contact.

Creating highly functional & contemporary laboratory environments

S+B UK are passionate about delivering functional, durable, and visually appealing laboratory furniture. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation for creating cutting-edge laboratories that meet the high standards of scientific research, pharmaceuticals and industrial environments.

Our design engineers understand the demands and requirements of modern laboratory facilities and are dedicated to providing functional, yet stylish lab furniture that meets the most demanding requirements.

Whether you’re setting up a new laboratory or upgrading an existing one, S+B is here to help, with a range of laboratory furniture options designed to make your lab space both functional and attractive.

Find out more

Explore our range of laboratory furniture by visiting our product pages listed above, where you’ll find detailed information on each lab system.

There you will also find useful downloads, including product brochure PDFs and a full guide to our Colours & Worktops.

Have specific questions or requirements? Contact us today to learn more about our laboratory furniture solutions, get specification details or request a full set of product brochures.

Whether you’re interested in budget-friendly options or bespoke laboratory designs for cutting-edge research park facilities, we’re here to help.

At S+B, we offer a free and obligation-free consultation service, to ensure the best outcome for your lab.