Queens Award

Case Study

Carshalton Boys Sports College

Carshalton Boys Sports College dates back to the 1920s and has existed in various iterations up until 2010 when it gained Academy status. GCSE results have improved consistently over a number of years and the a decision was made to invest heavily in overhauling its science provision in order to aid this upward trajectory.

The brief for this project centred around flexibility and the schools desire to deliver practical and theory separately. Working closely with the client and our turnkey partner Labform, we delivered on this brief by utilising our Service Towers & Tables system and space planning to allow for dedicated practical and theory areas within each lab.

The school also upgraded their AV provision and asked us to incorporate their new interactive whiteboards into our Spacesaver Working Wall system. We designed a full height storage wall with sliding whiteboard doors and integrated interactive whiteboard. An image of the Working Wall can be seen above.

S+B and our turnkey partners Labform completely transformed 8 labs at the school and the client is very happy with the finished result and enjoys showcasing the labs to visitors.