Queens Award

Case Study

The King’s School, Canterbury, UK

Located amidst the beautiful surroundings of Canterbury Cathedral, The King’s School, Canterbury, UK, stands as a hallmark of academic excellence and historical significance. Established in 597AD, it holds the distinction of being reputedly the world’s oldest school.

Renowned for its strong emphasis on scholarly excellence, the school blends tradition with modernity to offer a dynamic educational experience. Almost all their students proceed to advanced studies at prestigious universities both within the UK and internationally.

At the heart of this fusion lies the school’s commitment to scientific exploration. In line with the evolving landscape of scientific disciplines, The King’s School provides a platform for students to engage in cutting-edge research. This commitment to fostering scientific curiosity resonates through its continuous and meticulous redesign of the school’s learning spaces.

The integration of the newly fitted Biology and Chemistry labs by S+B UK, within one of the school’s exquisite 13th-century buildings, exemplifies a harmonious convergence of the old and the new. By seamlessly combining beautiful wooden worktops and contemporary functionality, these labs embody both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

The bespoke lab furniture, thoughtfully created with spatial constraints in mind, complements the architectural elements of the rooms. The student workstations and teacher desks boast ample storage, ensuring organised and clutter-free learning and teaching environments. Moreover, the inclusion of sink covers cleverly expands the workspace, enhancing efficiency without compromising on elegance.

These state-of-the-art laboratories not only facilitate Biology and Chemistry classes but also serve as dynamic spaces for students to engage in genuine investigative science. They encapsulate the school’s ethos of embracing innovation while cherishing its rich heritage and seamlessly blending tradition with functionality.