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Science Furniture & Fume Cupboards

Saturn & Mercury

This functional and cost effective workstation provides a dramatic alternative to the traditional dark, uninspiring and even forbidding, “workshop style” school laboratory that has remained unchanged for decades.

Innovative laboratory furniture, creating a modern learning environment

Extensive research into teaching methods, student motivation and learning, health & safety, ergonomics and life cycle costs has resulted in the introduction of the most exciting and innovative laboratory furniture system of our time.

Designed to Stimulate and Encourage Learning

Saturn + Mercury circular and ovoid workstations can combine in the smallest and most awkwardly shaped rooms to facilitate 30/32 students without compromise to health and safety in situations where a more conventional system would not. Various configurations allow students to work in collaborative groups or to face the teacher for lecture and demonstrations.

The Saturn & Mercury Workstations:

Smart, modern, sophisticated, hi-tech and stylish – a 21st century design for new century teachers and tomorrows scientists.

The Saturn circular workstation will seat 8/9 students whether interacting with each other, or by grouping around to face one way.

The Mercury ovoid workstation will seat 10/11 students in a manner which allows them to work in smaller groups and with minimum disruption to face forward.

  • Flexibility – equally suited to chemistry, biology, physics or integrated science.
  • Teacher can operate equally well from a demo/ lecture location and easily move about the classroom, facilitating small groups or individual students.
  • More space efficient – allows students to sit comfortable either in group or lecture mode. Four workstations can be accommodated in most labs and this will comfortably accommodate 32/34 students, where as this would be impossible with more traditional furniture designs and layouts.
  • Easy access to evenly distributed gas, water and electrical.
  • Integral service console: Seamlessly jointed to the worktop – prevents ingress of liquids and build up of litter. Houses and evenly distributes gas, electrical and data outlets. Provides a platform for apparatus of materials to be placed out of the way when not in use. Helps create a hi-tech modern laboratory environment
  • Workstations can be configured in different ways to suit room size and shape.

The overall qualities and suitability of solid surfacer for school applications, its renewability and functional life expectancy makes solid surfacer a high cost effective choice.

Alternative worktops for differing educational applications are available.

Turnkey Package

A true one-stop solution. S+B and Labform can completely transform your current learning area into a state of the art general classroom, IT suite, laboratory, design and food technology environment.
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