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Science Furniture & Fume Cupboards


The Wing system science modules - specifically designed for teachers who prefer a more formal layout but with a fresh contemporary appeal.

Furniture for the Science Classroom Environment

This functional and cost effective system provides an exciting alternative to the traditional uninspiring ‘workshop’ style school laboratory furniture that has remained unchanged for decades.

Shape and size can be configured to suit any preference and storage can be supplied as required, drawer, cupboard, file or shelf units.

Where space allows, the workstation can be designed to allow small student groups to gather around. A docking point can be integrated to allow connection of a serviced mobile fume cupboard, which can be placed out of the way when not in use.

The Wing Range

The Wing, a forward facing bench system sits students safely in comfort to one side of the module, it’s features include:

  • Storage options located conveniently to the other side of the module.
  • Modules that can be sized and angled to suit room dimensions or island benches designed to suit group work when required.
  • An integral service console with the ability to provide a full range of services, gas, water, electricity including IT cabling to provide a fully operational scientific learning environment.
  • Covers for sinks when not in use to give clear worktop space and increased flexibility.
  • A wide range of worktop and colour choices including Hardwood, Corian, Polylab, Trespa and many other surfaces to suite none Science applications.
  • Flexibility – equally suited to chemistry, biology, physics or integrated science.

Spacesaver Working Wall

To complement our Wing range, S+B has developed the most comprehensive range of wall, under bench and free standing storage units.

The free standing wall module system can be built up in standard configuration to provide a highly space saving efficient option. Cupboards, drawers, shelves, tray and file units can all be built in, providing different storage solutions to a specific need.

Turnkey Package

A true one-stop solution. S+B and Labform can completely transform your current learning area into a state of the art general classroom, IT suite, laboratory, design and food technology environment.
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