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The Xenium service tower and table system is specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers in modern learning environments, it allows flexibility and is easy to rearrange.

Our design engineers understand the demands and requirements of a modern learning environment

The Xenium service tower and table system includes two sockets to each service tower face. Tables include four sockets to each of the opposite lengths and two sockets to each of the opposite ends.

The Intercon connection system

The principle design objective is to allow teachers to quickly and safely re-arrange the classroom and to deliver whole class learning through:

  • Elimination of back row syndrome
  • Formative assessment and teacher reaction
  • Problem setting
  • Learning by application
  • Role play
  • Interactive group work
  • Whole class lecture and demonstration

Easy and safe to use

Connection, disconnection and re-arrangement of towers and tables is a simple and straightforward process:

  1. Push the connectors into the sockets and they will lock in place.
  2. Push tables and towers into the configuration desired and they will automatically lock together.
  3. To re-arrange simply push the key down on the connector and it will disengage allowing you to re-position towers and tables.

The table castors lock in combination with the tower connection system to secure any configuration desired. The lockable castors allow easy, noiseless rearrangement when required, stops damage to floors and when locked eliminates risk to students caused by accidental movement during class.

This safe, easy movement and re-arrangement of table layout enables the teacher to operate in a flexible manner and provide variety to the student learning experience.

A range of worktops are available including hardwood for those who would still prefer to use organic materials. More usually we will supply Corian or Trespa which are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Turnkey Package

A true one-stop solution. S+B and Labform can completely transform your current learning area into a state of the art general classroom, IT suite, laboratory, design and food technology environment.
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