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International College Spain

International College Spain

The International College of Spain based in Madrid is refurbishing laboratories and a prep room. The reasons for doing this are non – compliances which have been identified and which represent safety hazards in old and out of date science labs, the existing labs are old fashioned and restrictive of modern pedagogy to say nothing of lacking in appeal to attract students to STEM studies. They lack the flexibility to enable a variety of teaching style and in the learning experience. The school want a system which is flexible and whilst this can be accommodated with contemporary fixed furniture designs, the preference is for moveable furniture which can be reconfigured, quickly, easily and safely but with easy access in all areas to a full range of laboratory services. The school wanted to conduct practical science with students working in groups but wanted to avoid the restrictive and safety implications of confining this activity to perimeter benching with students facing the walls (out of teacher sight line) whilst working with naked flames, boiling liquids and chemicals. A couple of particularly difficult factors to try and work around were existing structural columns in the room, and the desire to use the existing service locations to keep the building works cost down.

S+B considered the requirements and the challenges presented and decided the best option in the given circumstances was to offer a Service Tower and Table solution and designed room layouts accordingly. This ticked all the boxes and the school has decided to proceed on that basis.

The system will be supplied with Corian worktops inclusive of seamlessly jointed integral sinks in the central areas with Trespa Toplab Base worktops and Epoxy sinks on room perimeters and in the prep room to try and keep the cost down.

The school decided to go with S+B based on positive feedback from sister schools within the same group which were very pleased with previous installations at other locations around the world.  Our track record and proven ability in the successful supply and installation of a multitude of overseas projects provided the reassurance needed to commit to a UK supplier. It was also noted that the creativity and positive attitude applied in meeting the challenge of working with the given room conditions provided the school with confidence in the whole approach and proposals offered by S+B.

Having supplied an initial design and costing, S+B attended site to carry out a detailed site survey and discuss different options prior to finalising the design and quotation.

Delivery and installation will take place this summer.

Service Towers and Table traditional layout