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La Belle France welcomes SpaceStation to its latest docking point in The Alps

Apex2100 International Ski Academy

Apex 2100 International Ski Academy in Tignes has chosen SpaceStation for its new lab fit-out. This choice is in keeping with the Academy`s philosophy of achieving excellence and outstanding performance through a unique blend of researched and proven data delivery in the classroom and learning through doing. The Academy specialises in developing outstanding young Alpine athletes through a combination of high quality, professional training and academic study. The Academy wanted an innovative, state of the art Science learning environment to facilitate practical Science and classroom theory within a flexible space designed to do just that and to stimulate athletes interest in STEM learning. For more information on the school and its ethos please see the link below and to learn more about SpaceStation, go to the furniture for learning section of the S+B web site.

Apex2100 website

SpaceStation Science school furniture