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Adding to our comprehensive range of standard modular serviced laboratory benching systems and fume cupboards, we introduce the exciting new Mobilaire Range.

This is a range of modular free standing, serviced and unserviced wheel around laboratory workstations. The serviced modules are available with pre-plumbed and pre-wired wet and dry services, mounted directly onto the worktop or contained within pre-plumbed and pre-wired service distribution bridges which are integral to the whole workstation.

Practicality and flexibility

Main service supply lines can be connected to Mobilaire workstations either from above via the Elevaire Overhead Service Delivery system or at lower level from service Docking Stations sited around the room perimeter.

The principal behind the latest addition to the S+B Lab Furniture range is to maximise flexibility for laboratory users through the ability to quickly and safely rearrange serviced furniture and re-configure the way in which the lab is being used as demand and applications change.

The modularity, robustness, movability and safe, easy quick disconnection and re-connection of services through use of quick release self-closing valves is such that workstations can even be wheeled between rooms and to different parts of the building.

The flexibility means that a research scientist can quickly re-arrange a working space as a development progresses through its stages to quickly facilitate the change in requirement, or a teacher can easily convert a room which is mostly used for general theory class work to a serviced practical working laboratory.

Sharing resources and maximising utilisation

In recent years the principal of sharing mobile fume cupboards between areas has become well established in educational and non-educational laboratories. More teachers and scientists are looking towards the same objective for serviced furniture and the Mobilaire moveable workstation range provides that opportunity of sharing resources and maximising utilisation.

In keeping with all S+B product development, whilst the highest regard is placed on function, safety, reliability and durability during the design process, attention is also paid to creating an appealing product which contributes to an attractive, inspirational and motivational learning and working environment. S+B products are not just fully engineered, they are also professionally styled to satisfy the growing demand amongst employers to create a state of the art environment which has equal appeal to prospective employees, users and customers be they research scientists, teachers, students or commercial enterprises.

An all round cost effective solution

The traditional approach to sourcing a laboratory furniture system, through delegation to a third party, first cost driven, construction industry tender process, often results in disappointment for all involved. More and more employers are taking greater responsibility for this 25-year investment decision and are asking their appointed consultants to offer a range of properly researched options, with recognition that no two companies will ever be offering the same thing. Growing numbers of employers are making their own selection with a very clear view of what to expect and to ensure there are no surprises or disappointments with what is eventually supplied.

The Mobilaire range allows clients and main contractors to hand the specialist furniture supplier completed areas inclusive of mains service line connections points at pre-agreed locations. Pre-assembled modular furniture can be delivered and installed quickly and efficiently avoiding any program over run with the best possible outcome for all.

S+B offers a range of products with differing price points to suit different budgets. Functionality and durability is never compromised and regardless of which price point is chosen, all S+B products are the result of professional design and styling. Mobilaire is no exception.

Our Clients

We have a wide ranging customer base, both in the UK and overseas providing for such industries as, Food, R&D and Pharmaceuticals, Universities and Healthcare/Hospitals.
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