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“Let There be Light”

“Let There be Light” is a multidisciplinary project through which Bishop Stang faculty and students from Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics classes worked to create a Microbial Fuel Cell from mud as fuel for electricity. The research and materials will be shared with students in Africa.

“The teachers in Africa said you can’t give them [students in Africa] too much homework because they can’t study,” said Kathy Crosson, chair of the science department at Bishop Stang. “Most of them come from villages that don’t have electricity.”

So the students at Bishop Stang turned their research project into a mission to help students in Tanzania. They’re hoping to make batteries out of the mud so the students in Africa can study and do homework after the sun goes down.

The students were given a grant by The Carney Family Charitable Foundation to do these experiments.

The project featuring the Chemistry Lab installed by S+B IN 2017 was featured on NBC Channel 10 Boston.

To find out more about the Stemline furniture system featured in the video download the PDF brochure or visit our Case Studies page to discover other completed projects.