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6 Hints and Tips for Food Tech spaces as shared by Liam Serridge in the PLS Magazine

Planning Learning Spaces - Food Tech Spaces Design

The Planning Learning Spaces magazine, the official magazine for A4LE (Europe) is published three times per year and is addressed to architects, designers and school leaders.

The latest issue features some amazing examples of educational learning environments as well as Netflix “Bakineer” Andrew Smyth interview about blended learning, while Terry White from A4LE examines the benefits of gardening in school.

Drawing on his passion for innovative design and his experience of working with prestigious international schools such as TH School Vietnam and the British International School Kuala Lumpur, pictured below, Liam Serridge, the International Sales Manager of the S+B UK, shares his six top hints and tips for designing Food Tech spaces.

From practical advice on items that are essential for a food tech environment but are often overlooked during the design process, to health and safety advice and ideas on how to incorporate technology into Food Tech  Rooms to enhance the learning and cooking experience, the article provides you with insight into the dos and don’ts of design.

As stated by Liam, “As with all classrooms, the key principle is to inspire students to learn” which is why student engagement should be one of the driving factors while developing a food tech environment, along with practicability.

Introducing innovative shapes and exciting colours, as per the red Propeller Food Tech furniture system by S+B UK, featured in the magazine and in the pictures below, is one example of how to creatively incorporate visual cues when designing a purposeful space that is equally stimulating for students.

TH School Food Tech furniture by S+B UK

Food tech Room at TH School Vietnam

British International School Kuala Lumpur Food Tech furniture

Food Tech  Room at the British International School Kuala Lumpur


Download the magazine here: https://planninglearningspaces.com/magazine/

To find out more about the Propeller Food Tech furniture system and discover more of our projects visit the Food Tech Furniture and the Case Studies pages.