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Trespa worktops – the natural choice for the Henry Royce Institute Research Laboratories

Henry Royce Institute Lab furniture with Trespa worktops

The Henry Royce Institute, one of the global leaders in material science, has recently opened the doors to its new campus at the University of Manchester.

The new Hub has laboratories on nine floors, totalling 5,000m², all the furniture being designed, manufactured and installed by S+B UK. Located only five miles away from the campus, S+B have been involved in 15 different projects for the University of Manchester so far, including the National Graphene Institute, completed in 2015.

Designed as ‘Science on show’ to those passing by Royce by NBBJ Architects, the science laboratories benefit from S+B’s most popular modular system, Exemplaire C frame and Exemplaire Column systems.

Due to the variety of materials and sciences needed to be accommodated in the labs, from nano printing to advanced material testing, the worktops were required to provide resistance against a long list of aggressive chemicals and that made Trespa® TopLab® PLUS the natural choice, due to its chemical resistance. In fact, S+B UK have used products from the Trespa® TopLab® range in every single project at the University of Manchester and it’s the first choice for the majority of lab worktops in our projects.

Another reason for choosing Trespa for this project was it’s high load-bearing capability as, according to Shaun Serridge, the Sales Director at S+B UK Ltd, in an interview with Trespa, “Each workstation consists of a heavy-duty steel construc­tion. For maximum flexibility within a modular grid system, we designed a bespoke frame on wheels; it is topped with Trespa® TopLab® and designed to bear loads of up to 400kg”.

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