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UCL Marshgate Fume Cupboards

UCL Marshgate high-quality fume cupboards Fume Cupboards

Working in collaboration with renowned architects Stanton Williams, Sheppard Robson, and other project partners, S+B UK has manufactured and installed 67 high-quality fume cupboards for the state-of-the-art research facilities at UCL East campus.

The fume hoods supplied to UCL Marshgate are designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern laboratories, providing a safe and controlled environment for researchers to carry out their work. The Ecoline fume cupboards, including specialist walk-in units, are equipped with advanced features such as automatically closing sashes and specialized storage options to ensure the safe handling and storage of hazardous chemicals.

As a leading manufacturer and installer of high-quality fume cupboards, S+B UK are proud to have been part of the development of this world-class academic hub for research and innovation in East London. The UCL Marshgate building is a significant milestone in the University’s expansion plan and will undoubtedly contribute to cutting-edge research in various fields.

As the handover of the UCL Marshgate building marks a momentous occasion, S+B UK take pride in our contribution to creating a safe and conducive environment for research and innovation. Our commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable laboratory solutions continues to support academic institutions and research facilities in their pursuit of scientific excellence.

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