Queens Award


Whitehouse Scientific, Chester

“Whitehouse Scientific has been producing precision glass microspheres for calibration for over 30 years and is the highest ranking European certification laboratory for primary methods of particle size analysis.

Having filled over 1 million bottles using a unique 100 stage spinning riffler system, they are now the world’s leading manufacturer of single-shot glass microsphere standards.

The references, nearly all NIST traceable range in size from 0.1µm to 5.0mm and are available as single sizes or broad distribution standards.

The founder of Whitehouse Scientific, Dr Graham Rideal has just completed a 2 year term as Chairman of The Filtration Society.” (extract from the Whitehouse Scientific website)

S+B has been chosen by Whitehouse Scientific to fit out its new laboratory with a brief that includes all the operational requirements and a desire to create a space which will be safe, comfortable and attractive for its staff and which can be used for marketing purposes with prospective clients. The furniture system chosen is the modular Exemplaire C Frame System with suspended storage cabinets, wall units with integral lighting and the SpaceSaver Working Wall Storage System.