Queens Award

Case Study

American International School of Budapest

Located close to the leafy residential suburbs of Budapest and within easy reach of central Budapest’s beautiful business, commerce and tourist districts, the American International School of Budapest have frequently been referred to as the most beautiful school campus in the world.

The state-of-the-art campus, comprised of two buildings linked by a bridge, is housing science facilities such as Physics, Chemistry,  General Science and Study Room and it was these learning spaces that S+B helped transform.

Following an initial design consultation and site visits ( prior to Covid-19) from Liam Serridge, our International Sales Manager, S+B manufactured and supplied bespoke furniture for a total of 3 science laboratories and two additional rooms.

During the installation stage, which took place during the pandemic, communication was key and the S+B team liaised with the local traders organized by the school, wrote installation manuals and assisted them remotely.

Each space was provided with a different furniture system to suit different teaching styles and subjects, while storage solutions were a key requirement achieved either by fitted Teaching Walls with interactive whiteboards and high-level cupboards or under bench cupboards.

The Physics lab benefits from a very flexible Stemline system, a student workstation that can be easily re-configured and can be connected to floor-mounted electrical services. The Chemistry and General Science Labs are both fitted with island benches with both wet and dry services necessary during experiments, storage and knees spaces while freestanding tables provide a separate theory area.

In the Student Study and Preparation Room, where space is more compact, the working surfaces are kept clear of clutter by the existence of spine shelving, which not only provides storage space for items when not in use but also easy access to them when needed. Tall cupboards, as well as Gratnell trays, facilitate the easy organization of items and substances.

Our Mobiline re-circulatory fume cupboard was also supplied and can be shared between rooms, due to it’s easy connection to the docking stations.