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Mobiline recirculatory fume cupboard

Mobiline is a new generation recirculatory fume cupboard. Its development is based on over 40 years experience of manufacturing and installing conventional ducted fume cupboards into schools, universities, healthcare, R&D and a wide range of commercial laboratories.

Creating Safe Environments for Integrated and Single Sciences

Re-circulatory fume cupboards are becoming increasingly popular in schools and colleges, because of their flexibility The Mobiline can be used in different locations within the same classroom and can also be shared between classrooms. This makes Mobiline a much lower cost option for schools with limited budgets and for circumstances where venting to outside atmosphere is impractical.

Filter replacement

When the filter needs replacing, simply call us. We will advise of the replacement cost, our technicians will then attend the site and remove the old filter, dispose of it in line with our environmental policy and replace with a new filter. The filter life span depends on usage, but can generally be expected to last for 5 years.


During the development process we have applied computer fluid dynamic modelling along with an analysis of other re-circulatory fume cupboards being supplied into schools and colleges across the country. The result is a new mobile fume cupboard utilising a highly efficient activated carbon filter which absorbs chemicals prior to the safe re-release back into the immediate environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Vertical sliding sash (front viewing window) provides better protection for technicians, students and teachers than door openings.
  • Unique torsion spring control for the sash which eliminates the safety risk associated with cable failure on conventional sash controls.
  • Easy to remove and replace activated carbon filter, fitted on the top of the unit which purges the chamber efficiently and prevents the build up of heavier than air fumes when the unit has been turned off.
  • High level filter draws fumes away from the operator breathing zone.
  • All round clear viewing panels, including the back baffle for ease of demonstration and group activity
  • Rear back baffle to purge the worktop effectively and quickly draw fumes away from the operator and in the direction of the filter.
  • Upper front bypass aids fume purging by balancing the air input and reducing turbulence in the chamber caused by increased face velocity when the sash is in the lowered position.
  • Unique sash stop which can be overridden for loading the chamber, but which automatically re-engages to restrict sash movement upwards to the operational height when being used.
  • Supplied with remote control gas, water supply so that operators do not have to reach into the chamber to activate. Electrical socket outlets mounted outside the chamber.
  • Energy efficient interior LED strip lights.
  • Supplied with an under bench storage cabinet.
  • Supplied with lockable castors for safe, easy movement and to prevent accidental movement when not in use.
  • Tough durable construction designed specifically for the rigours of the daily classroom environment and exposure to chemicals for a minimum 25 years.
  • Supplied with self closing, quick release service couplings and reinforced flexible supply lines for water, gas, waste and electricity. The Mobiline is also supplied with a restraining anchor for connection to a docking point.
  • Alarm and control panel with on/off activation, audible and visual alarm for fan/air fail.
  • Services docking point – can be fixed anywhere in the room where mains services pick up points are available, e.g. against a wall, to a teachers demonstration bench or to a centrally located student workstation. It is often the case that the Mobiline can be stored in a convenient place within a lab and then wheeled to a docking point for connecting to services elsewhere in the room for flexibility and ease of demonstration.
  • Smart, modern, ergonomic design to help create a contemporary science learning environment.
  • Maintenance free, other than periodic filter replacement and servicing of the utility controls.

Turnkey Package

A true one-stop solution. S+B and Labform can completely transform your current learning area into a state of the art general classroom, IT suite, laboratory, design and food technology environment.
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