Queens Award

Case Study

Apex2100 International Ski Academy France

Located amidst the breath-taking Alpine landscape of Tignes, France, at a lofty elevation of 2100 meters, the Apex2100 International Ski Academy stands as a beacon of excellence. It is the world’s sole international ski academy with accreditation as an International Baccalaureate (IB) world school.

Under the visionary leadership of Sir Clive Woodward and Sasha Rearick, the academy has a very ambitious goal: to nurture the next generation of World Cup and Olympic-level skiers. What sets Apex2100 apart is its innovative blend of elite sports training and outstanding academic education, focusing on empowering not only exceptional skiers but also lifelong learners.

S+B UK were commissioned to design and install two science labs and one prep room for the Academy’s world-class academic facilities. The school’s vision was to provide the young Alpine athletes with cutting-edge lab spaces that foster a blend of practical science and classroom theory, and spark a passion for STEM subjects.

The innovative laboratory furniture, including SpaceStation benches with integrated sinks and moulded turrets, along with teacher’s demonstration desks, equipped with docking stations for the Mobiline re-circulatory fume cupboard, perfectly met the Academy’s high standards. The result was dynamic and engaging learning spaces that stimulate curiosity and encourage a deeper engagement with STEM subjects.

With these state-of-the-art lab spaces, the Academy is able to provide a rich learning experience that complements the intensive ski training.

All photos are copyright of Apex2100 International Ski Academy.