Queens Award

Case Study

Burnley College

The spacious Science Lab at Burnley College provided the ideal layout for three of our Spacestation Furniture System, a modern design which allows flexibility so that the working spaces can be used in different ways and for different application.

It also promotes collaborative group learning during practice while facilitating facing forward during the theory lessons.

All worksurfaces are made of Polylab while the service consoles and sinks are made of Corian, both materials providing a seamless effect, chemical and heat resistance and renewable surfaces. The renewable quality of both Polylab and Corian is particularly important in an educational environment, as in case of damage or abuse they can be fully restored or repaired on-site without having to completely replace the material.

The perimeter benching provides additional working space but also storage solutions such as baggage units or door cupboards with Gratnell trays.

The simplicity offered by the small colours pallet of white and greys is complemented by the abundance of natural light and the soft glowing light provided by the underlit consoles which create a WoW factor while housing the electrical and gas services at the same time. The small pops of green and yellow colours on the Broen water and gas taps give almost a playful feel to the learning space.

The two Mobiline Re-circulatory Fume Cupboards can be connected to any of the four docking stations in the room or stored away when not in use.

In 2020, during Phase 2, a further Science Lab was installed featuring three additional SpaceStations, as well as a Preparation Room.