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Case Study

Fontbonne Hall Academy Science Suite

Fontbonne Hall Academy, a prestigious all-girls Catholic high school in Bay Ridge, New York, unveiled its state-of-the-art science suite in 2022. The suite comprises a research lab, chemistry/biology lab, physics lab, and a prep room, all featuring innovative laboratory furniture systems designed, manufactured, and installed by S+B UK in collaboration with S+B USA.

Fontbonne Hall Academy (FHA) is renowned for its impressive academic programs, particularly its STEM curriculum, which focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As an innovative high school dedicated to nurturing future change-makers, pioneers, and entrepreneurs, FHA recognized the need to upgrade its science facilities to enhance the learning and research experiences of its students.

Constance Gangemi Slampiak, an FHA alumna and lead architect on the project from CGS Architecture & Design, PLLC, designed the suite, which underwent a remarkable transformation.

The installation included S+B’s laboratory furniture system, such as SpaceStation, Saturn and Mercury, STEM islands, SpaceSaver working Wall, and Ecoline ducted fume cupboards. The integration of these cutting-edge furniture systems ensures optimal functionality, flexibility, and efficiency in the science suite. Additionally, the use of high-quality Corian worktops adds durability to the laboratories.

The transformed science spaces now support collaborative teaching, learning, and research, providing students with an immersive hands-on experience that bridges the gap between classroom concepts and real-life applications.

The impact of the new science suite on Fontbonne Hall Academy is monumental. Not only does it position the school at the forefront of 21st-century education, but it also empowers every student to excel in their scientific pursuits.

The upgraded facilities offer unmatched opportunities for students to explore and engage with scientific concepts, fostering their growth and success.