Queens Award

Case Study

The Kingsley School

The Kingsley School is an Independent girl’s school located in Warwickshire, UK and for 135 years this School has had an excellent reputation for high academic standards and first-class pastoral care.

S+B supplied and installed the laboratory furniture to Physics, Biology and Chemistry Labs as well as Chemistry Prep.

Each lab has a different furniture system, as the school tries to achieve a good balance between theoretical and practical work.

The Physics laboratory features the innovative Spacestion and Saturn Light with the integral underlit service console designed to facilitate and promote collaborative group learning.

The School’s emphasis on practical work as a key component of all courses is carried through to the Chemistry laboratory and the Saturn and Mercury circular and ovoid workstations which allow students to work in smaller groups and with minimum disruption to face forward.

The Biology laboratory benefits from the fresh contemporary appeal of the Crescent system with under bench incorporated storage and bench mounted services.

All working surfaces are Polylab while the turrets and sinks are made of Corian.

Additional storage space is provided by Teachings Walls with incorporated sliding whiteboards and interactive whiteboards as well as perimeter benching.

The pictures below are courtesy of The Kinsley School and two of their A level students.