Queens Award

Case Study

Biotechnology Company Lab Fit-out, Stevenage UK

S+B UK have recently completed a laboratory installation project for a prominent biotechnology company located in Stevenage, UK. The innovative company is dedicated to advancing ground-breaking research in the field of biotechnology, requiring state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to support their vital work.

We worked closely with The Fairhursts Design Group, 8build, and Scotch Partners, in our quality of lab furniture manufacturer, collaborating with the client’s team from the project’s inception. This collaborative approach allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the client’s vision and needs.

S+B UK provided a range of cutting-edge laboratory furniture solutions, including our Exemplaire C-Frame system and fully serviced mobile workstations. These workstations were equipped with high-level umbilical connections, adjustable shelving, task lighting, and Fundermax worktops, ensuring a flexible and ergonomic laboratory environment.

In addition to the flexible furniture solutions, the new labs  also benefit from our high performance, high efficiency, low energy Ecoline fume cupboard.

The project resulted in the successful delivery of state-of-the-art laboratories that precisely met the client’s requirements.