Queens Award

Case Study

Cambrex Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Cambrex, a prominent provider of contract research and development services to the pharmaceutical industry, faced the challenge of expanding their pharmaceutical laboratories in Edinburgh, from 3,000 ft2 to 7,500 ft2, while maintaining uninterrupted operations throughout the construction process.

The aim was to enhance workflow efficiencies within the laboratory space and support future growth, thereby increasing Cambrex’s flexibility to engage in projects at all stages of drug development.

Working in collaboration with ADP Architecture, S+B UK took on the role of manufacturing and installing the laboratory furniture for the pharmaceutical laboratories, which included a combination of Exemplaire C frame  fixed benching, heavy-duty freestanding tables, IPS stations, mobile cupboards, and SpaceSaver tall storage.

The collaboration between S+B UK and ADP architects resulted in the creation of a world-class solid form screening and crystallization process development facility. The revamped pharmaceutical labs now boast enhanced capabilities, enabling Cambrex to handle larger-scale projects with ease. The lab furniture provided by S+B UK ensures optimal functionality and aesthetics while meeting Cambrex’s specific requirements.

The expanded lab spaces not only met the immediate needs of existing employees but also facilitated the recruitment of up to 40 additional scientists. This positioned Cambrex for future growth in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape, solidifying their leadership in delivering exceptional services and fostering innovation.

Photography by Paul Karalius.