Queens Award

Case Study

The Christie Hospital Paterson Building Labs

The Christie Hospital in Manchester, UK, has recently opened a world-class research facility designed to transform the fight against cancer. This cutting-edge facility spans eight floors and boasts state-of-the-art laboratories that facilitate collaboration among specialists and accelerate progress in cancer research. The project was made possible through funding from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK and it aims to double the number of cancer patients participating in clinical trials by 2030.

Designed by BDP Architects, in collaboration with IHP (the alliance between VINCI Construction UK and Sir Robert McAlpine) the new building is twice the size of the Paterson building which was badly damaged by a fire in 2017. It features modern research labs with highly functional and contemporary furniture and fume cupboards, all of which were manufactured and installed by S+B UK.

The laboratories are equipped with a mix of fixed and mobile lab benches with Trespa worktops and overhead service delivery systems, providing researchers with a flexible and efficient working environment.

Supported on the heavy duty Exemplaire C frame, the fixed laboratory benches are fitted with over bench shelving that allows easy access to items and equipment while keeping the work surface clear. The storage is mobile, to deliver flexibility within the fixed furniture sections.

Alongside lab benches, the new state of the art labs are also equipped with 19 Ecolines, a new generation of fume cupboardsthat provide excellent fume containment capability in operational conditions.