Queens Award

Case Study

Manchester University Williamson Building

Williamson Research Centre is part of Manchester University and houses a range of research laboratories and equipment for investigating our environment and the effect of human behaviour upon environmental systems.

The Centre is named for Professor William Crawford Williamson FRS, the eminent Victorian scientist who was appointed as the first Professor of Natural History (Geology, Zoology and Botany) at Manchester in 1851.

S+B UK has a long-standing relationship with Manchester University and when the refurbishment project came along, we were excited to be involved in the design and installation of the new laboratory furniture.

The new science environment consists of 4 labs and has Trespa Toplab Plus worktops to most areas and Epoxy worktops to wet areas and the contrast of colours consisting of silver-grey tops and dark grey drawer and door fronts create both a light and smart modern-looking space.

The combination of both fixed and mobile storage provides flexibility where needed by rearranging the cupboards to suit any needs. The spine shelving with clear glass doors is bespoke and allows space for storage, access from both sides of the benching and space for panel mounted services.

Safety stations are finished to high standards, with concealing laminated panels in the same colours as the cupboards while allowing space for all services providing a functional but eye-catching look.

The project also includes 4 Ecoline Fume Cupboards provided with acoustic and acid storage to match the University’s specification and the nature of their experiments.