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Case Study

Research and Teaching Labs Leeds Beckett CTAR

Completed in June 2020, Leeds Beckett University’s Carnegie Teaching and Research (CTAR) building stands at the heart of the Headingley Campus as a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence in research and teaching.

With a budget of £45 million, the primary goal of this cutting-edge building was to bring together the university’s specialist research and teaching labs with general teaching facilities, fostering a collaborative environment that would attract and inspire the best students and staff.

Spanning an impressive 90,000 square feet, the CTAR Building houses a range of amenities tailored to the needs of the Carnegie School of Sport. It features five lecture theatres, approximately 40 research and teaching laboratories, and a covered rooftop 60-meter sprint track for performance training and analysis.

Additional facilities include dedicated research laboratories, changing and recovery facilities, and a health and wellbeing studio. A notable highlight is the incorporation of two world-class environmental chambers that  replicate various altitudes and environments.

Throughout the project, S+B UK collaborated closely with Sheppard Robson architecture and the main contractor Galliford Try to ensure the successful outfitting of the research and teaching labs. Manufactured in our factory in Manchester, the Exemplaire C frame furniture system, mobile cupboards, fixed pedestal system and wall storage provided by S+B UK offer efficient storage solutions to meet the diverse requirements of the labs. Additionally, the use of durable Trespa worktops guarantees a reliable and robust surface for conducting experiments and research activities.

This collaborative approach resulted in highly functional and visually appealing lab spaces that align with the overall design vision of the CTAR Building. The new lab spaces foster an environment conducive to ground-breaking research and teaching, further elevating the university’s commitment to excellence in the field of sports science.