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Lab furniture for SSIS’s STEAM and Middle School Buildings, Vietnam

South Saigon International School new building that will house science labs that will be fitted by S+B UK laboratory furniture and fume cupboards

S+B UK are proud to announce our latest international project, for South Saigon International School, Vietnam. We’re set to manufacture laboratory furniture and fume cupboards for SSIS’s ground-breaking projects—the High School STEAM/Design Center and the purpose-built Middle School building, scheduled to open their doors in 2024.

The STEAM Center alone will feature five labs dedicated to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, complemented by two science study rooms and five lab prep areas. Additionally, the Middle School will benefit from three general science labs, all furnished by S+B UK.

Designed by Flansburgh Architects, these state-of-the-art facilities prioritize collaboration, innovation, and empowering students in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). The designs incorporate insights from students, faculty, administrators, the board, and committed parents, ensuring that these spaces truly cater to the needs of learners.

The labs will feature flexible spaces with re-configurable tables in the center and fixed benching along the walls, ample storage, and convenient access to sinks, gas, and electrical services. This design enables adaptability, creates a welcoming and future-focused learning environment and allows for growth and changes in disciplines. The school can utilize the space for team-based collaboration, further enhancing the laboratory facilities’ functionality.

To maintain tidy and clutter-free learning environments, the preparation rooms were fitted with generous tall storage and additional benching with cupboards and shelving.

The dynamic lab spaces will benefit from four Mobiline re-circulatory fume cupboards that can be shared between laboratories and easily connected to docking stations.

S+B UK’s partner in Vietnam, Tam Minh, will oversee the furniture installation. Their local expertise will not only ensure high installation standards but will also positively impact the project’s budget.

To discover more about our projects, please visit our Case Studies page or reach out to us for a free lab design consultation and quote at sales@splusb.co.uk