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What does a S+B laboratory fit out look like?

A lab fitted out by S+B

If your laboratory facilities are in need of improvement, S+B UK have considerable expertise and more than 50 years of experience in designing laboratory interiors, which includes refurbishment of existing premises as well as fitting out new-build laboratories to a high specification.

Because we manufacture bespoke laboratory furniture, fume cupboards, storage and worktops at our premises in Manchester, we are able to draw up custom designs to work within your building fabric. We deliver on quality and standards, while keeping a close eye on overall cost.

Together, this means we can provide laboratory interiors to meet your needs, improving productivity and reliability, and giving you the 21st century workspace your students or researchers deserve.

Laboratory furniture built to fit

Laboratory fit out can range from updating worn-out worktops or inefficient storage units, to a complete redesign and custom build of your lab interior.

By calling on our expertise, you can benefit from task-specific storage in the places where it is needed most, re-circulatory fume cupboards or ducted to extraction systems and seamless worktops that reduce the risk of chemical residues being left behind in any cracks or joins.

Some of our capabilities include:

  • Complete lab redesign and refurbishment including workbenches, storage, fume cupboards and extraction
  • Fitted storage that makes the most efficient use of the space available for maximum lab storage capacity
  • Cutting-edge performance materials like Corian, Velstone, Trespa as well as Stainless Steel and Ceramic worktop options

Most importantly, your laboratories are designed with you firmly in mind, to give you everything you need within easy reach and support your future work on scientific research and development.

A laboratory counter and sink

Why choose S+B UK?

S+B UK are proud to work on major laboratory fit outs in the UK and in other locations around the world, and we will be happy to provide examples of our work if you would like to find out more.

To further demonstrate why S+B UK is the clear first choice for laboratory fit out, our capabilities also include:

  • Virtual pre-build via AutoCAD, Revit, Virtual Worlds and IMOS, to provide 2D and 3D rendered previews of the final design
  • Compliance with all relevant BS EN ISO standards for laboratory interiors, across all of our designs and manufactured laboratory furniture

Close partnerships with specialist third-party contractors to complete installation of any required services and utilities as part of the lab fit out.

A 3D rendering of a lab bench by S+B

3D Rendering of Laboratory Island Bench

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about a laboratory refurbishment project or a custom lab fit out design, you can contact S+B UK via the form on our Contact page. Alternatively, email the sales team direct at sales@splusb.co.uk or give us a call on Manchester 0161 793 9333.