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Our methodology series: Manufacture

A man sands down a piece of lab furniture

S+B UK’s bespoke laboratory manufacture service allows us to produce laboratory furniture, worktops, fume cupboards and storage to your particular specifications.

With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of lab furniture and fume cupboards, we have the expertise to produce what you need to the highest standards.

All our bespoke laboratory furniture is manufactured at our facility in Manchester, UK, based on designs drawn up to meet your needs, and with a dual focus on both quality and cost-efficiency.

By manufacturing furniture to meet your laboratory’s precise measurements and applications, we can give you a lab that minimises maintenance and maximises productivity.

About our bespoke laboratory furniture

At S+B UK we put your needs first. We welcome all enquiries, whether it’s to manufacture a single storage unit or replacement worktop, or to design, build and install a complete lab interior.

Custom-built laboratory furniture can be tailored to your needs in a variety of different ways:

  • Fitted storage for maximum capacity and convenience
  • Worktops in performance materials like Trespa, Corian, Velstone, Ceramic and Stainless Steel
  • Complete lab interiors with storage, workbenches, and fume cupboards

You get a complete custom fit-out, all produced to the same exacting specifications, which ensures a seamless fit between different units and reduces nooks and crannies where unwelcome contaminants can accumulate.

Why work with S+B UK?

Our experience and expertise make S+B UK the obvious choice for bespoke manufactured laboratory furniture, but we offer several capabilities that put the decision beyond doubt.

  • State of the art Homag machines including Beam Saws, horizontal and vertical CNC’s, Edge banders, Panel saws.
  • 3D Computer – aided design/manufacture (CADCAM) software designed to aid mass customisation and mass manufacture in the leanest possible way.
  • Optimisation software to ensure board materials are utilised in the most efficient way, saving our customers time and money.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP software to enable efficient workflow right through the workforce from design, through production, picking and packing, to effective and timely logistics management.

S+B is committed to a Continuous Improvement Programme and embraces new manufacturing technology and installation methods wherever possible to optimise quality/cost ratio.

We work with world leading suppliers of the best Laboratory raw materials such as Trespa/Fundermax/Velstone/Simmons/DuPont and many more. Our highly trained solid surface fabricators can create bespoke and innovative work surfaces. Solid surfaces such as Corian are seamlessly jointed enabling better hygiene properties. Corian also enables curves, shaped cut outs/inserts and translucent or light up areas giving your lab the Wow factor.

A laboratory designed by S+B

In all of our work, we are committed to environmentally responsible design, high-quality standards, and safety for our clients and for all of your future laboratory personnel.

The Environmental impact that S+B UK has on the world has always been at  the forefront of our minds, long before it was such a major factor and global subject for discussion.

We have developed low energy consumption fume cupboards without compromising the primary function of protecting users against harmful fumes. We have developed recirculatory fume cupboards which consume a tiny proportion of the energy required to operate a ducted fume cupboard.

All our wood-based products are sustainably sourced with FSC and PEFC certification. S+B has full membership of the “Furniture industry sustainability programme” and has secured the ISO14001 (Environmental) Accreditation.

BM TRADA certification and ISO 14001 registration

Finally, all our wood, paper and metal waste materials are recycled through our waste management partners.

More memberships and affiliations

In addition to our British Standards certifications, we hold several more professional memberships and accreditations that demonstrate the attention to detail in our bespoke manufactured laboratory furniture.

Mike Serridge, the S+B Non-Executive Director, is a full member of the British Standards Committee LBI/1/1 and is one of the UK’s expert representatives to The European Standards Committee CEN332 Laboratory Furniture and Fittings.

By working with our clients and, where necessary, with third-party specialist contractors, we can design, build and install complete laboratories that are fully commissioned and ready to go, with all the utilities, ventilation and gas supply systems you need built in.

You can see from our Case Studies that we have fitted out some of the world’s most prestigious laboratories, meeting the demanding standards of leading research institutions and pharmaceutical firms.

To benefit from this expertise or if you have any questions about our lab furniture manufacturing capabilities, please contact S+B UK on 0161 793 9333, by email to sales@splusb.co.uk or by filling in the form on our Contact page.