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How to Choose the Best Laboratory Furniture Supplier

S+B UK Laboratory Furniture Supplier Factory

Choosing a laboratory furniture supplier can be without a doubt, a difficult undertaking. Navigating the market of lab furniture suppliers can prove quite challenging, as two products might look the same on paper, but the quality of the materials used and the finished look of the furniture could look worlds apart.

Whether you need a laboratory configured for teaching, or cutting-edge, versatile lab space for research and development, with significant investment on the line, you want to know you can expect many years of use from your money.

There are a few things to consider to help you choose the perfect supplier, in order to achieve your vision of the ideal laboratory, on time, using experienced lab design consultants, high-quality materials, cutting edge software and manufacturing technologies as well as trained lab furniture installers.

1. Expertise

A well-established supplier can provide you with immeasurable expertise on best practices and safety measures for lab design and consultancy in choosing the furniture system that best suits your lab vision.

They should be able to offer solutions, adapt to your specific requirements, manage the project from start to end, liaise with other contractors involved in the project, such as architects, and deliver the completed laboratory on time.
Enquire about design software capabilities that allow the supplier to present you with 2D drawings and 3D visualisations, showing you the final result prior to committing to manufacture and install.

With over 50 years of experience building laboratory interiors for educational institutions and scientific research facilities alike, S+B have the expertise to design, manufacture and install bespoke lab furniture to your highest expectations.

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2. Certifications and awards

An extensive list of professional memberships, certifications and accreditations are often a good way of verifying the supplier’s commitments to quality, health and safety, education and the environment.

The environmental impact on the world should be considered too, so make sure that all the wood-based products are sustainably sourced with FSC and PEFC certification.
Check if the supplier is registered with local and international Standards Institutions, as this is an indication of a trusted supplier.

S+B UK are members of COBIS, BSME, FOBISIA, CEESA, SEFA and Winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2022 & 2016. All our wood-based products are sustainably sourced with FSC and PEFC certification and we have secured the ISO14001 (Environmental) Accreditation.

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S+B UK Winners of The Queen's Award for Enterprise International Trade

3. Customer list and Testimonials

One of the most essential sources of information and confirmation of a laboratory furniture supplier’s integrity and reliability is the client list and testimonials.

An extensive customer list of well-known schools, universities and commercial companies,  as well as positive feedback from school owners, headteachers, and facilities managers, lab users, who were involved in the installation of a new laboratory or the refurbishment of an existing one, from start to finish, will give you an idea of how professional a supplier is, how they overcame challenges, and whether the project was completed on time and to the expected standards.

S+B UK have worked with prestigious schools, universities, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical research and healthcare environments both in the UK and worldwide. 

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4. Best life cycle value

Budgets are limited and compromises are often necessary. However quality should never be compromised, the lowest initial cost options rarely represent the best value for money, specifications should be developed to give best full life-cycle value.

Cost is important, but the best life cycle should be the objective. Emphasis should be placed on quality going into the laboratories. An example where better value can be realised is in choosing a worktop material suitable for the subject, which can be repaired easily, which can be quickly refurbished to look as good as new.

Although it may cost more initially, it will provide better value because it will not need replacing for many years. Another example would be in choosing cabinetry based on build quality rather than the lowest initial price.

S+B UK work with high performance materials such as Trespa and Corian and our furniture has 25+ year life expectancy.

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 Exemplaire C frame Laboratory Furniture System by S+B UK Laboratory furniture supplier

S+B Exemplaire C frame Laboratory Furniture System

5. Visit completed lab installations

“A picture is worth a thousand words” but nothing surpasses seeing a completed laboratory in person, as this might prove an eye-opening experience. Whenever feasible, request a visit from the supplier to examine a completed lab, assess the quality of the laboratory furniture, ask questions, and gain inspiration.

S+B UK can facilitate site visits to third-party sites where we have acted as consultants in the past.

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6. Visit prospective suppliers manufacturing facilities

A supplier that embraces new manufacturing technology and installation methods will be able to optimise the  quality/cost ratio, which will benefit your school greatly. Ensuring that your chosen supplier has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and machines is a way to make sure that all furniture is produced to the same exacting specifications.

The S+B laboratory furniture and fume cupboards are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Manchester, United Kingdom.

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S+B UK Laboratory furniture supplier Manufacturing Facilities

S+B UK Laboratory Furniture Manufacturing Facilities

7. Warranty

The furniture warranty should never be overlooked because it is typically a reflection of a company’s seriousness and the quality of the finished furniture, which, in the case of a laboratory, should not need replacing for approximately 25 years, depending on usage frequency.

S+B UK are a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke laboratory furniture and fume cupboards with more than 50 years experience.

The sustained growth in our contemporary designs together with our international experience and exceptional overseas sales has enabled us to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This award is the UK’s highest accolade for business success with winners selected by the Prime Minister’s office and approved by Her Majesty the Queen.

At S+B we can work with you to provide the ideas, design, CAD layouts, 3D renderings and consultancy free of charge. Our manufacturing facility benefits of cutting edge technology, using modern performance materials, delivering durability and versatility, with a focus on high-quality installation. 

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