Queens Award

Case Study

Sandy Spring Friends School K12 Science Labs

Located in Maryland, USA, Sandy Spring Friends School is the first high school in the nation to boast a WELL Gold Certified building, indicating the positive health and wellness impacts of its design and architecture.

The newly constructed Pen y Bryn building stands as a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering 21st-century learning environments that stimulate students  and encourage collaboration. This state-of-the-art facility accommodates six K12 science labs and a preparation room, all outfitted with furniture that that meets the highest standards of quality.

Manufactured in our Manchester UK factory and installed by the S+B USA team, the lab furniture features our Mercury student workstations – an innovative benching system that combines spatial efficiency with aesthetic appeal. Its innovative design fosters collaboration and enhances student-teacher interaction. Equipped with integrated sinks, water taps, and electrical sockets, these workstations ensure easy access to utilities, fostering a hands-on learning environment.

The STEMLine mobile workstations provide a more dynamic solution to the school’s needs by introducing an element of flexibility. These versatile workstations adapt to the evolving landscape of education, effortlessly transitioning from separate stations to collaborative clusters, mirroring the school’s commitment to adaptable learning methodologies.

Sandy Spring Friends School’s commitment to inclusivity shines through its incorporation of ADA tables and stations, ensuring that every student can fully participate in the learning experience. Safety during experiments is paramount and fume hoods play an important role in this regard. The Mobiline fume cupboard’s mobility, combined with easy reconnection to docking stations, amplifies both safety and flexibility in the laboratories.

Innovation extends further to the teaching walls, seamlessly integrating whiteboards and cupboards, thereby streamlining the learning process. Fixed perimeter benching with casework not only enriches the educational process but also provides essential storage solutions, catering to the practical needs of educators and learners alike.

The contemporary K12 science labs provide an environment where students are encouraged to embrace growth, explore innovative ideas and engage in collaborative teamwork.