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LEH Foshan: stimulating learning through attractive science laboratories

Opened in 202O as a partnership between LEH School UK and Trumptech, LEH Foshan provides students with high-quality science education, one of the core subjects of their British curriculum, nurturing the future generations of scientists.

The modern campus is equipped with state-of-the-art Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs, designed and manufactured by S+B, to UK education standards.

The laboratories provide the ideal, attractive spaces for students to learn through hands-on experiments and gain the scientific knowledge that incites drive towards their future professional goals.

The video below, courtesy of LEH Foshan, features our SpaceStation, Saturn & Mercury, Stemline laboratory furniture systems, SpaceSaver Teaching Walls and Mobline Fume Cupboards and is an excellent tour of the science facilities. It also includes students’ fantastic feedback and the teacher’s vision:

See below the glowing reference from Steve Allen, Founding Head Master at Lady Eleanor Holles International School, Foshan, received on the completion of the science labs:

“From the moment I made first contact with S+B at the Hong Kong Learning and Teaching Expo, communication has been first class. Liam and the whole team have made the design, delivery and installation of the four laboratories and prep room straight forward – even in the middle of the covid restrictions.

S+B designs start with the needs of the students and teacher. Full thought is given to workspace, circulation and the safety of all. The design process was a real pleasure, ideas were listened to carefully, suggestions for improvement made and designs developed collaboratively.

The S+B team were always polite in pushing back with any flaws in requests, but always willing (and able) to deliver a fully bespoke product. The laboratories were designed ‘off-plan’ as construction had not commenced when the initial designs were agreed. Not only was this not an issue, but the experience and advice of the S+B engineers ensured we were able to make alterations to the building programme to aid the fitting of the laboratories.

Delivery and installation were planned to take place just as the COVID pandemic broke out. Despite restrictions on shipping, forced shutdown in the UK and a host of unforeseeable issues, Liam and the team were always willing and able to find solutions.

The quality of the finished laboratories speaks for itself. They have gathered a lot of attention locally and are helping to reimagine science teaching in the city. Giving the cutting-edge design and thoughtful manufacture and installation, I feel confident that not only will the S+B labs prove a long-lasting investment, but they will also look as welcoming in 25 years as they do now.”

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